Indian Black Marble

Product Details :
Indian Black Marble is striking Indian marble of dark Background with wasp white or grey or dark grey linear veins on it. This sophisticated natural stone is especially good for interior and exterior floor and wall applications. Indian Black Marble is also good choice for countertop, monuments, Stair casing, Elevator panel, pool and wall capping and window sills. This marble is also used in design projects by interior designers and contractors.

Indian Black Marble has polished, swan cut, rock faced, tumbled and sandblasted surface finish. This marble is quarried in India. It has very long-lasting shine and durability. It has very low water absorption capacity.

Indian Black Marble is available for sale as slab and tiles of various thickness and size. RK Marbles is supplier and manufacturer of Indian Black Marble. Call us on numbers given to know more about this marble.


  • Unique design pattern
  • Crack free surface
  • Natural Marble Stone


  • Slab Thickness: 15 mm -16 mm
  • Slab Size: 5′ x 3′ and above
  • 2000 sqft lot available