Nadi Black Marble

Product Details :Nadi Black Marble is kind of natural Indian black marble. It is deep grey almost black background with black and brown veins. It is quarried in Ajmer district of Rajasthan (India). This Marble is commonly used for floor and wall application. Nadi Black Marble is also good choice for countertop, pool and wall capping, elevator Panel, […]

Indian Black Marquino Marble

Product Details :Indian Black Marquino Marble is one of the finest marble for both commercial and residential purpose. This marble is used for interior and exterior flooring and wall decoration. It is widely appreciated for its use as kitchen countertop, tabletop and other worktop applications. This marble is highly durable and has very smooth and shiny […]

Indian Black Marble

Product Details :Indian Black Marble is striking Indian marble of dark Background with wasp white or grey or dark grey linear veins on it. This sophisticated natural stone is especially good for interior and exterior floor and wall applications. Indian Black Marble is also good choice for countertop, monuments, Stair casing, Elevator panel, pool and wall […]

Grey Carrara Marble

Product Details :Grey Carrara Marble is Indian marble of black color with flow pattern of grey color on it. It has stunning appearance and beautiful unique design pattern. It is natural Indian marble stone. Its flow design may vary from batch to batch. It has very low water absorption capacity and is highly resistive to heat. […]